The music influences thought

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The music influences thought

Thought is a computation of symbols, which provide the sense organs to the brain.
These thoughts are fused with an affective component and an objective and stored in consciousness.
This brief review is to understand where you want to influence the music and the colors, because every state of consciousness is chaired by a warmth and affection is a mental activity.
Consciousness results from objective analysis processes and affective assessment of the brain.


Premiere tune Reiki Crístico (Christic Reiki)

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Premiere tune

Reiki Crístico

The launch was on March 24,7
in the city of Sao Tome Argentina.
I interpret the composer Yahni Leandro

Accompanied by the choir of the UNAM

Under the leadership of Emilio Rocholl


Christic Reiki music production belongs to the East to West, registered ®.

The composition-interpretation, is Yahni Leandro. Argentine authorities.

The melody of Reiki Christic leads people to navigate through your mind to new concepts of relaxation.

The vibrations of music raises the emotional state and leads to a communion with the holy spirit.

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