Reiki Crístico- Meditation Track 1

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Reiki Crístico- Meditation Track 1

The melody takes you dispose yourself to relax and have an experience with your nature, physical, mental and spiritual.
With slow, deep breathing perceive your fitness, your lungs have room to store the air, you feel as out of your nose, now pass to the thoughts, your psychic nature, and let them run, you need not stop them only notes and continuing beyond the thinking, feeling to go to your true essence which gives life to the physical and mental

Play Track 1 – making clik on the direction of the page:

Clik on the direction of the page:

Gumersindo Meiriño

María Benetti


The melody of Reiki Christic

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The melody of Reiki Christic

We invite you to listen to the music of the Christic Reiki is a call to your heart beat with joy, peace.
With that peace sought God’s presence.
To fortify the faith, the faith that moves mountains, dark mountains of resentment, envy, jealousy and illness.
And I reunited with the love, wisdom, which removes the dark veils that leave us fears, recognize that we are all brothers in the creation of our Father, the Creator of all that exists on earth as in heaven.

… You can listen all tracks on the CD, individually, making clik on the direction of the pages:

Gumersindo Meiriño

María Benetti Meiriño

Colors affect our brain

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Colors affect our brain

The view on a scale of values to stimulate the brain corresponds to 20%.

Looking at the colors of nature, we are feeding on the cosmic light.

Music affects our body

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Music affects our body

Modifications in the cognitive behavior, perception, mood.

Relaxation is achieved, low heart rate, stimulates positive thoughts, because they affect the psychophysiological, modify the secretion of endorphins and strengthen the immune system.

The music influences thought

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The music influences thought

Thought is a computation of symbols, which provide the sense organs to the brain.
These thoughts are fused with an affective component and an objective and stored in consciousness.
This brief review is to understand where you want to influence the music and the colors, because every state of consciousness is chaired by a warmth and affection is a mental activity.
Consciousness results from objective analysis processes and affective assessment of the brain.

As the music captures the brain

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As the music captures the brain

We will make a very brief description of certain brain functions related to the senses of hearing and sight.
These descriptions help to understand the purpose of the videos-power.
The brain of all the functions it performs, orders the release of chemicals that affect human behavior.
The required information to process, store and react. These data are taken through the senses. In the videos-power, working senses are sight and sound that capture the vibrations emitted by the colors or sounds, and sends to the brain in the form of pulse code. (The brain works with electrical codes and biochemical And among other issues also elaborates the thoughts).

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